Setting up a CI server a daunting task at first

Now I’ve been wanting to setup a Continous Integration server for my project for a long time.  My co-worker was helping me out with it, but then he moved to a different company.  I sort of gave up on it at the time mainly because I was the only one working on the code.  But thought I’d give it another shot this last weekend when I was in training.

I chose to stick with  It was a little daunting at first because there’s so much configuration.  After reading thru the documentation and banging my head on it for a few hours I was able to get the source from TFS using the vsts plugin for ccnet.  Now comes my other task .. writing all the NANT build scripts.  This is going to take a few hours to learn, but hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have a CI up for my project.  Yeah!!

I read this great post on things you need to do before you start your project.  Everybody should read it and implement some if not all of it before your project starts.  I’m currently a lead for one of the projects and really wished I would have taken the time to implement some of these before we even wrote one line of code.

10 things to do on every project


2 Responses to “Setting up a CI server a daunting task at first”

  1. Saul Says:

    Hey Vein! Feel free to ask for my assistance any time! is the way to go..forget TFS!

  2. Vu Says:

    dude, your blog has cobwebs on it… me the blogging!

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